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CONNOISSEUR WORLD LANGUAGE INSTITUTE (CWLI) aims to provide the most-effective and fastest foreign language training programs to empower our students to open doors of opportunities that only a Foreign language speaker can unlock. Through the use of the latest technologies available such as Artificial Intelligence combined with the heart and dedication of our team of Foreign language experts, we believe that every Filipino can speak a Foreign language, aside from English. 

We firmly believe that knowing how to speak and understand a specific Foreign language enables one to have an edge in the global arena, and therefore, level up one's quality of life, their families and their community.

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CONNOISSEUR  WORLD  LANGUAGE  INSTITUTE  (CWLI)  envisions to be the global leader in the Foreign language industry. Through harnessing the power of the latest technology combined with latest and proven approach in the field of accelerated learning, we see that every student of CWLI will be able to speak and comprehend any Foreign languages faster than ever, pass any Foreign language proficiency examinations with flying colors and be able to express one's self with greater ease and confidence - totally prepared to seize global opportunities.