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 The 1st and Only Online/Offline Portable Interpreter in the Philippines

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Professional Interpretation &

Precise Document Translation

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Discover how you can Install in your School's Curricula (Grade School to College) CWLI's revolutionary approach that transformed ordinary students to become proficient Foreign language speakers in just months...not years! 

Intensive Classroom based-Training

✓ CWLI believes in this formula: Success = Opportunity + Preparedness. That is why our programs are built to be learned faster because opportunities fly fast. If the preparation is too long, effort, time and money are wasted.

✓​​​​​​​ With CWLI's programs, we can help you to be not just fast, but be faster than opportunities, so that you will be one of the first to seize them.

✓​​​​​​​Our curriculum is designed to be fast because it is not made to just speak a language, it is made to seize extraordinary, rare, highly rewarding opportunities that are only meant for people who can speak a specific Foreign language.

✓​​​​​​​ Our programs are meant to be functional so that students can use such skill to get high-paying jobs ( PHP 60,000 to PHP 200,000 per month) even they are just newly graduates or for Entrepreneurs to close Big Foreign deals in every part of the globe. 

✓​​​​​​​ CWLI's faculty are well-trained to deliver beyond expectations.

✓​​​​​​​We go beyond the traditional approach of teaching, we challenge ourselves and our students to freely express themselves by creating an atmosphere that welcomes learning from mistakes, provides positive reinforcement and hunger for innovation.

✓​​​​​​​CWLI works together with Educational Institutions and various Multi-lingual firms, and have proven our expertise in the Foreign Language Industry through the Success of our students.

✓​​​​​​​We conduct Intensive Classes and workshops that can be included in your curriculum that perfectly fit the budget of your institution.

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 Intensive Korean

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 Intensive Mandarin

CWLI Intensive Online Masterclass